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DSE Assessments - what’s the point?

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By Guy Osmond

There are those who argue that the rise of Agile Working renders DSE Assessments pointless. ‘If someone only spends a few days of the month at their office desk’, they contend, ‘what is the point of a workstation DSE assessment?’

Whilst we would certainly argue that the assessment process is not sufficient on its own in these circumstances, it is still an essential element of the education and training process. Since the purpose of the assessment is not only to identify risks and hazards but also to explain how to address them, it raises awareness of posture, helps users to differentiate between good and bad, teaches them what they should aim to achieve, what to avoid and the difference between healthy and unhealthy. It helps them understand what causes pain, what exacerbates it and what they need to do to minimise or eliminate it.

This knowledge is then valuable when they are working out of the office. Whilst it will not be possible to adjust chair or desk height in coffee shops or airport lounges, users will know their optimum setup and can seek the closest available configuration. They will also know the importance of posture change and learn to avoid static postures for long periods.

As I have said in a previous blog, the original DSE Regulations anticipated much of today’s technology so even smartphones and tablets are covered.

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