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Are you maximising your team’s personal performance?

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The output and success of any business is ultimately the sum of the contribution of every individual working within it. When you break it down, that seems strikingly obvious, but it can all too easily be lost as companies grow, set targets, and develop long term strategies.

With such a focus on the big picture, the little adjustments and choices day to day can seem insignificant. But what impacts on the productivity and performance of one individual has a powerful compound effect as you scale back up across every employee; even micro-improvements in personal performance can add up to a massive impact overall, especially in large organisations.

So, what does maximising personal performance look like?

Working with individuals

As with everything in ergonomics, there is no one-size-fits all solution; the interventions and adaptations needed to help each member of the team achieve their potential will vary for each individual, according to their character and motivations, their physical and mental needs, and their experience and training requirements.

Getting to know team members and exploring with them their strengths and challenges, goals and motivators is key.

A healthy working environment

Training, task-setting and performance reviews are one thing, but the importance of the working environment cannot be overstated, from the workplace culture, right down to the ease with which individuals can use the tools and devices they need to perform their roles.

The rise of home and hybrid working during and since the pandemic has shifted the goalposts significantly on this front. All too often the hastily thrown-together, makeshift arrangements made as the first lockdown hit have become permanent fixtures in the working lives of thousands. This has undoubtedly been to the detriment of their wellbeing and personal performance – and as such detrimental to the success of the companies they work for too.

Rather than continue with the ‘out of sight out of mind’ approach, businesses can do themselves and their staff a huge favour by making their working arrangements more comfortable and healthier.

The right kit

There are many well-designed, affordable devices which can ensure workers, whether they’re in the office, at home, or somewhere else can work comfortably and productively. These simple tools have the power to enhance wellbeing, reduce musculoskeletal problems and boost personal performance – which is to the benefit of the individual and the whole organisation.

A laptop stand, along with a separate keyboard and mouse, can ensure a remote or mobile worker finds long hours on a laptop far more comfortable, improving posture, reducing neck strain and ultimately boosting their productivity.

A properly adjustable chair, with the right training in how to set it up, and ideally a desk too can transform a work-from-home set up and reduce the physical toll of hours at a screen.

Even something as simple as a footrest for a shorter team member can improve their posture at their desk, minimising the distraction of discomfort and musculoskeletal pain.

And you don’t need to take our word for it. Recently, our friends at Bakker Elkhuizen launched an extensive programme of events and information looking at ways employers can enhance the performance of their people.

When you think about the potential impact, it is hard to think of something more important that leaders can invest in to ensure their people, and thereby their companies, achieve their best.

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