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Tablet & Smartphone Products

Tablet & Smartphone

It is easy to adopt and maintain unsuitable postures when working with portable electronic devices for prolonged periods of time. By making small changes to how you use your devices can make a significant difference to your physical wellbeing and reduce the risks that prolonged use can bring. If you frequently use a tablet for home and/or for work, you would benefit from a lightweight portable tablet or iPad stand or holder that allows you to bring your device to a viewing level that promotes good posture. At the same time, built-in keyboards and mice force you into postures that can cause discomfort and pain in the wrists, back, neck and/or shoulders. The use of a separate compact keyboard will help improve your posture wherever you have space to use one. Whether you are looking for a keyboard for your Apple iPad or Samsung tablet or a Bluetooth mini keyboard for your Android or iPhone device you can find suitable products in our range that also look good and feel great to use. Don’t forget to add a wireless mouse suitable for your device.