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Prompt alternative to Access to Work

Nobody should have to wait months for their workplace needs to be addressed.

We may not provide the government funding of Access to Work but we can provide a great package of prompt attention, subsidised assessment, quality service, great value and excellent outcomes:

  • From your first enquiry, we will provide a quotation for the initial assessment cost (see below for details of how this will be refunded).

  • We will identify the most suitable assessor and put them in direct contact with you/your user to book an appointment. Appointments are booked within 10 working days - and often quicker (subject to client availability).

  • A full report, proposed actions and quotation will be provided within 72 hours of assessment completion.

  • Place an order for the items recommended and the initial assessment cost will be credited against this (qualifying minimum spend applies).

  • A full installation, set-up and user training will be provided for equipment orders.

  • One-to-one training will be provided for all Coping Strategies and Software orders.


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