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Quality & Environmental Policy

Osmond Group Limited (The Company) is an innovative, privately owned, UK provider of workplace furniture, ergonomics and wellbeing products and services. The Company offers a range of products, including office furniture, seating, computer accessories, fixtures and fittings, combined with training and education to help employers improve the productivity and wellbeing of their personnel. The Company operates its Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015.

We are committed to providing excellent service whilst protecting the environment by:

  • Continuous improvement of the IMS.
  • Fulfilling our customer and applicable requirements, including compliance obligations.
  • Ensuring openness of our environmental activities with interested parties.
  • Investing in our employees, by providing training, and involving employees in our environmental activities and product selection.
  • Ensuring we uphold a high standard of visual appearance to provide a pleasant working environment and satisfy neighbours.
  • Sourcing innovative products which will help reduce our customers’ environmental impact and promote wellbeing.
  • Minimising waste throughout the Company by waste reduction, reuse or recycling, sending waste to landfill only as a last resort.
  • Minimising fuel usage wherever possible through efficient route planning and implementation of electric/hybrid vehicles where possible.
  • Investing in our building to reduce energy consumption and generate our own electricity.
  • Ensuring emergency procedures are in place to prevent pollution from accidental spillages or fire.
  • Ensuring the risks and opportunities which could affect our business are identified and addressed.

The Senior Management Team will:

  • Be accountable for the effectiveness of the IMS.
  • Ensure business objectives are established through our business planning process and compatible with the context and strategic direction of the Company. Progress against objectives will be monitored throughout the year and during Management Review.
  • Promote improvements through the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking.
  • Ensure resources are available, including training, support and encouragement.
  • Communicate the importance of conforming to our IMS requirements.
  • Ensure the IMS achieves its intended results.
  • Understand the needs and expectations of our interested parties.


    May 2023