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Osmond Ergonomics

At first glance you may think we are a typical office furniture supplier. But we are much more. Because we offer so much more…

If you are thinking of...

Updating or modernising your office environment.

Improving the physical and mental wellbeing of your people through furniture, equipment or training.

Committing to a Sit-Stand strategy.

Introducing initiatives and technologies around flexible working, hot-desking, working from home.

Carrying out workstation assessments or training staff to become in-house DSE Workstation Assessors.

Pursuing a combination of any of these. The why not let Osmond Ergonomics take the burden?

Why not let Osmond Ergonomics take the burden?

Why Osmond Ergonomics

We have the knowledge, skills and resources to guideyou through these processes and support you with theimplementation of these specialist tasks.In summary – we can help you create a wellbeing-focusedworkplace, select the right products that represent yourbusiness and support your people, carry out workstationassessments, provide posture training for your teams, deliverindustry-approved training modules. But this is not all.Whilst wellbeing is central to all our activities, our genuinefocus is on achieving the best outcome for you ratherthan just making a compulsory sale. This approach addsmeaningful value to all our undertakings and safeguards ourreputation as a trusted partner rather than a mere supplier.More importantly, it is what sets us apart. We really do care.About our clients’ organisations and their people. And notto forget – our Planet. We take the environmental impactof our actions seriously. We apply sustainability criteria notonly to our products and service delivery systems, but also toeveryone in our supply chain.Let us support you with the knowledge we have gained fromworking with organisations from one employee to hundredsof thousands for over 25 years.