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Homeworking Done Right - Series of Three Webinars

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Watch Episode 1 on demand here.

Homeworking Done Right 2:

Products you see online may look good and appealing to the eye but quite often don’t function properly when used in the context of working with a
computer for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. This webinar will provide advice and guidance on what to look for when purchasing equipment for homeworking and what to avoid.


Guidance and advice for purchasing:



-Screen Raisers

-Keyboards & Input Devices

-Other Considerations

When: Jun 8 2022 12:00 London

Homeworking Done Right 3:
Posture Tips for Home and Office

Working from home can affect staff physical and/or mental wellbeing. Our
‘Posture Tips for Home and Office Workers’ webinar offers some great advice,
starting with how physical and mental health problems develop, through to how you should have your equipment set up and good habits to adopt. This webinar will help employees better manage their wellbeing and productivity.


-What are the risks from adopting poor postures?

-How should we have our chairs set up?

-Setting up the workstation to promote good postures

-Other advice for managing wellbeing and productivity

When: Jun 22, 2022 12:00 London