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Healthy People Store

Find the perfect product for you and your working environment.

Organisations face the perpetual challenge of ensuring both the physical and mental wellbeing of their people. We make it our mission to understand and help your business to manage these challenges proactively.

If you are interested in improving your whole workspace, not just your chairs, please visit our Healthy Workplace pages to see how we can help.

Products to support you

We adopt a holistic approach to solving your problems, not only with flexible training options but also with the right products. 

Having access to the right ergonomics products can be a critical factor for people experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort and pain. We can also play a major part in preventing musculoskeletal injury or the deterioration of existing conditions. Providing the right ergonomics support for your people can significantly impact employees’ work performance and reduce absence levels.

We have been at the forefront of UK workplace ergonomics for over 25 years and this has formed the core part of our business. In that time we have developed a product portfolio which includes some of the finest chairsfurniture and desktop accessories from around the world. Our customers come to us and stay with us for our knowledge, not just our products.

Our outcome-focused approach ensures we consider the bigger picture and provide the right product(s) for the user, their activities and the environment.

In our shop you will find a portfolio of carefully selected items for individuals wanting to optimise their ergonomics with quality products. To ensure our range is user friendly and meets ergonomics expectations, all our featured products first undergo the ‘WoW Factor’ test. This review process is unique to the industry and considers quality, physical ergonomics, human factors and value. This initiative forms part of our ISO9001 quality system and ensures the best products for our customers.

Whether you need a special mouse for an individual, a seating product for a specific application or a desk for everyone in your business, our unique approach ensures your absolute satisfaction throughout the consultation, review, sales, installation and training cycle.

We also deliver free webinars, seminars and workshops to complement our product portfolio.