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Each of our webinars offers a concise overview of a subject from the convenience of your own computer and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Each topic is based on more extended presentations which are also available in person for use at your own events or for in-house webinars for geographically dispersed personnel. To discuss bespoke options, please contact us to arrange a discussion with our Training Manager.

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Homeworking Done Right:
Series of Three Webinars

Homeworking and hybrid working has never been more commonplace, but far too many employees are making do with make-shift and unsuitable arrangements which could leave them suffering from a range of different musculoskeletal issues. What is ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for their employers could now see them pay in loss of productivity and lost days down the line.

Our ‘Homeworking Done Right’ series of free webinars are designed to help both employers and employees take the steps they need to ensure home office setups are the best they can be. Covering key elements of good homeworking practice, from an employer’s duty of care to staff working in their own homes, the risks of poor home office set up, how to maintain a good posture at a desk, and information on the products and tools that can help.

See our previous webinar recordings and view at your own convenience.