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Each of our webinars offers a concise overview of a subject from the convenience of your own computer and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Each topic is based on more extended presentations which are also available in person for use at your own events or for in-house webinars for geographically dispersed personnel. To discuss bespoke options, please contact us to arrange a discussion with our Training Manager.

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Postural Awareness – Vehicles

As we move towards normality and more of us start getting back into our vehicles, this one-hour webinar will focus on how common musculoskeletal disorders develop and the risks of not having your vehicle cockpit set up correctly. Guidance on how we should be setting up the cockpit, precautions to take prior to undertaking a journey and arriving at a destination, as well as advice around journeys and other aspects of driving which can help to improve wellbeing and mental health when behind the wheel.

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Tuesday 28th September @ 12:30pm

Posture Awareness – Laboratory

Poor postures at work are a major source of MSD's (Musculoskeletal Disorders - injuries and conditions that affect the human body's movement or musculoskeletal system). This one-hour webinar will focus on the risks of adopting poor postures whether using a computer, or laboratory equipment such as a microscope. Advice will cover setting up your work area correctly - whether at the office, or in a lab, and how to achieve good postures.

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Wednesday 13th October @ 12:30pm

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