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Partnership Services

It has always been our belief that we can only be excellent at a limited number of activities and, for everything else, we simply find and collaborate with partners who are at the peak of their profession. This enables us to offer a more holistic service and gives our clients quick and easy access to proven specialists to meet all their workplace (including homeworking) needs.


For a rapid response from a specialist, simply identify the provider(s) you need from the list below and send us your details.

Cardinus Risk Management

We are a leading health, safety and risk management specialist offering online and on-site solutions for all areas of business. Over 3,000,000 employees around the world use Cardinus’ Healthy Working e-learning and risk assessment product to help them manage and reduce their ergonomics risk. In addition, thousands of organisations utilise Cardinus’ on-site and online risk management services.


Cardinus supports organisations in Ergonomics and DSE, Safety Training, Property Risk, Insurance Risk Surveys, Fleet Risk Management and HSE & Security Consultancy. Organisations across the globe employ Cardinus services to reduce work-related discomfort, minimise accidents and injury, increase employee productivity and comply with legislation.


Request information on Cardinus Risk Management here.


The Colour Works

We transform the way people work together


The Colour Works give individuals, teams and leaders an accessible, sustainable and immediately impactful understanding of the differences that exist in behaviour. This fresh understanding leads to greater self-awareness, better teamworking skills and helps people notice the different approaches of each behavioural style, turning potential conflict into opportunity.


Request information on The Colour Works here.


FitBack Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the biggest causes of sickness absence at work, loss of productivity and unnecessary financial costs to a business.


FitBack Physiotherapy has a range of solutions to support businesses, including onsite workplace physiotherapy and workplace assessments. Additionally, we provide highly effective and efficient musculoskeletal disorder management through our telemedicine interventions for homeworkers.


FitBack Physiotherapy`s bespoke intervention packages provide a highly effective and cost efficient service to maximise the health of your workforce.


Request information on FitBack Physiotherapy here.


Human Applications

Human Applications specialises in providing ergonomics and safety consultancy, including training in safety risk management, for government and commercial organisations


Human Applications provides expertise in health & safety, psychology and human factors/ergonomics. Our clients include large commercial and government organisations. Our services include consultancy, training and auditing. Our clients value our ability to provide insight to complex issues in an efficient and economical way. Our Risk Management Suite provides a complete training solution for safety risk management from Board to front line managers, and is all recognised by IIRSM.


Request information on Human Applications here.


What our customers say

"A good training course that had a good pace throughout and was very informative."

NEof Bristol on the One Day DSE Assessorcourse


"Really enjoyed input & found it very useful for my role as a physiotherapist in offering advice to clients. Thank you."

ATHof Dorset on the Do you want to be an assessor? course

"My multifunctional job requires me to frequently change between activities. It has been a great help not having to both twist my body or neck each time I need to make notes or having to re-arrange my desk in order to accommodate the different tasks. The simplicity of operating the device ensures I use it properly all the time and being tall it has helped considerably with alleviating my constant neck pain. I would not want to be without this item."

Anonymous on the FlexDesk 630N