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Assessment Services


Our assessment services are fully compliant with Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations.


Musculoskeletal pain has been the single largest category of workplace injury amongst office workers. It is already a major issue for those working from home and there is growing evidence that it is becoming widespread. Bad posture, prolonged sitting, inappropriate furniture, lack of space and inadequate training all impact physical health. In turn, that can impact mental health too. Our various assessment services provide a systematic review of the user’s needs, equipment, furniture and environment. Issues raised are then highlighted, addressed and training given.

For further information or to arrange an urgent assessment call 0345 345 0898 or email

What our customers say

"A good training course that had a good pace throughout and was very informative."

NE  of Bristol on the One Day DSE Assessor  course


"Really enjoyed input & found it very useful for my role as a physiotherapist in offering advice to clients. Thank you."

ATHof Dorset on the Do you want to be an assessor? course

"My multifunctional job requires me to frequently change between activities. It has been a great help not having to both twist my body or neck each time I need to make notes or having to re-arrange my desk in order to accommodate the different tasks. The simplicity of operating the device ensures I use it properly all the time and being tall it has helped considerably with alleviating my constant neck pain. I would not want to be without this item."

Anonymous on the FlexDesk 630N

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