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Latest Products


To meet the increasing demand for collaborative spaces & agile working, Bureau incorporates biophilia, storage & partitioning into a single product. Available in an extensive range of laminates & powder coated frame colours, the product can be adapted and configured to any space or setting. Build from the standard range of modules or let our designers create a bespoke configuration to your exact needs.


Sobre offers an instantly adjustable choice of ambient
or task lighting. The Sobre LED light bar adjusts to shine light directly on
your desk or work area, or rotates up for perfect, ambient light. Ideal for
collaboration tables or public areas, Sobre mounts directly to the table or
desk to maximise the available workspace. Multiple units can be daisychained
together. Customise your installation with a choice of dimensions, light
temperature and finish.

Relationship Buildings®

As we return to the office, it is well recognised that communal spaces and meeting facilities will be central to those interactions we have all been missing whilst homeworking. Orangebox has created the concept of Relationship Buildings® to encapsulate this concept.

As we encourage our people back into the workplace (even part-time), we
need to create flexible, imaginative spaces that attract them, stimulate their imagination and facilitate those interactions that spark creativity and reinforce the organisational culture

Ceiling Rafts

The one thing that employers have learned from the pandemic experience is that their staff have different expectations when they return to the office. The commercial design world can learn from the hospitality industry as many of the design concepts for each industry begin to merge.

One significant area for consideration is noise reduction. The best way to absorb sound is with soft surfaces. The glass-steel-concrete trend may be fashionable but it is not people-friendly! Reducing ceiling heights and shielding hard surfaces with acoustic panels such as these ceiling rafts can create a warmer feel whilst reducing noise and enhancing audio comfort.

Hewston Sofa

Refined & Timeless: a handsome sofa with a simple outer steel frame & subtle upholstery details, the Hewston sofa looks great from all angles. A lounge chair complements the range & the framework is available in brushed or polished steel and a wide range of and powder-coated colours.


A full-function booth with excellent acoustic properties and a variety of options. Designed for Collaborative teamwork, the outstanding acoustics ensure it is also well suited to individuals engaged in Concentration or Contemplation work.


Soft & Bubbly! Make a statement with the quirky Bubba sofa. An engulfing design created with a series of undulating curves on an upholstered plinth. Available in a choice of two sizes with a matching armchair, if required.

Oasis Soft Mobile Booth

Flex your workplace: these easy-to-move units are mounted on castors with a simple table-mounted locking system. Cleverly designed to gain maximum effect as a mobile workspace whilst covering a minimal footprint, these small but mighty mobile booths can tuck away or take centre stage. Their mobility also makes it easy to mount them side-by-side when an increased collaboration area is needed. Available with open top, louvered and enclosed ceiling options. Talk to us about further options such as rechargeable battery storage to power your devices.

Aircharge +

Most organisations are looking at ways to provide an easy desk booking system in a hybrid working environment. Even those who had agile working programmes pre-pandemic are reviewing all their processes to ensure minimum friction.

Aircharge+, the ‘smart, safe digital marker for today’s workplace’, combines an online booking page with desk markers, inductive phone (and tablet) charging and a number of additional benefits. This is exceptionally easy to implement and outstanding value. The beneficial pricing makes it suitable for organisations with as few as 50 desks and the exceptional value is because the technology has already been fully developed and tested for a global hospitality chain so the development and support costs have been very low.

See the explanatory video here.

A-Zone Collaboration Bench

The Novus A-Zone Collaboration Bench has been developed to meet the changing needs of the workplace, recognising that hybrid working has fast-tracked the demand for furniture which enables collaboration, networking and teamwork.

The Novus A-Zone is available in three versions:
- standing fixed height
- sitting height settable, which is suitable for wheelchair users
- electrically height adjustable.

There are two widths and three lengths, plus many optional extras to dress and add extra functionality and versatility.

Available in black, clear lacquer for an on-trend industrial look, or white steel to soften the look, giving a clean crisp architectural finish.

Campers and Dens

Campers and dens take the pod concept to another level.

The various elements can be used for individual or teamwork with unprecedented flexibility. Taking inspiration from the idea of a camper van with an awning, spaces intuitively suggest 'do not disturb' or 'please join me' in a variety of settings and spaces.

Furthermore, the structure incorporates an 80/20 design philosophy whereby the physical construction and integrated technology is primarily of standard, modular design. The really clever part is that the remaining 20% can be specified and reconfigured at will with a variety of materials, textures and finishes to meet changing needs.


Woods is a singular, refined product, designed to encourage the use of planting in more density within the workplace.

Readily mobile, it provides an elegant and effective way to break up areas or define space with the added benefit of introducing more plants to the office.

Research tells us that the more plants you have, the more beneficial they become – acoustically and environmentally. We also know that spending time in more natural environments makes us better at doing our jobs and increases our feeling of vitality, boosting energy levels and making us feel more animated.

Evolution Bench

Evolution Bench is the next step in bench desking, offering all the functionality of a traditional bench system with the added choice of oak or painted RAL finish legs.

For maximum flexibility, specifiers can choose from fixed or sliding desktops, a complete cable management system and a selection of 5 desktop shapes. To add to the vibrancy of the look and complement any interior colour scheme, the wooden legs are available in a traditional oak finish or a selection of 21 RAL colours.

Matching executive desks and boardroom tables are also available to complete the range.