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Installations, Set Up & Training

Thank you for visiting this page to find out more about your upcoming equipment installation.


Before we outline the process, is there anything else we need to know before we come to see you? Information such as parking restrictions, access requirements, narrow doorways, staircases, etc. will be very useful in advance. To update us, please contact our Logistics team using .

Here is what you can expect when we come to install your equipment and show you how to use it. We have 3 objectives:


  1. To show you how to make all the adjustments.
  2. To demonstrate what good posture looks and feels like.
  3. To make sure you know how to achieve it and why you should.


Chair installations:


  • We allow approximately 45 minutes to set up a chair with an individual.
  • We will show you what all the knobs, levers & buttons do.
  • Next, we demonstrate how to configure the chair so it is correctly set for your stature, needs and workstation layout.
  • We explain the reasons for the adjustments (back angle, seat height, armrests, screen height, footrest if needed, etc.)
  • During the process, we encourage you to ask any questions relating to your workstation or the equipment.  
  • Finally, we show you what a good posture looks and feels like so that you know how to maintain it in the future.


Desk installations:


                                  • We allow approximately 1 – 1½ hours to build and set up a desk for an individual
                                • We will
                      • demonstrate how the controls and features work
    • show you how to position your keyboard, mouse and monitor(s) correctly on the desk
    • clarify the correct height settings for use whilst seated or standing (and perching, if applicable)
              • show you the correct posture to adopt when standing
    • explain when and how to mix sitting, standing and moving during your working day


Chair and desk installations:


  • We allow approximately 1½ - 2 hours to install and set up a chair and desk to encompass all of the above.


If you want to check our current Covid procedures, please look here.

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