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Bad work setups could be ruining your fitness goals

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Are you facing constant setbacks in your fitness journey due to small injuries? The last place we consider to be the cause of an injury is the office. But in reality, an improper work setup – whether that be in the office or at home – can be punishing for our bodies and lead to musculoskeletal and other health problems even for those who otherwise lead a healthy and physically fit lifestyle.

 How those long hours are really impacting your physical health... 

In your typical 9-5 job, sitting improperly can be the underlying cause of a lot of issues and injuries. This prolonged sitting may seem harmless, but on top of the discomfort it causes, poor working habits can also lead to more serious issues like musculoskeletal injuries. Studies have shown that even if you’re physically active, you won’t be able to combat the negative health impact of prolonged periods of sitting each day. 

That dining room chair in your home office which gives you backache isn’t going to make it any easier to keep up with regular exercise. And screens at the wrong height leading to poor posture are going to cause neck and shoulder issues.

A simple change to your work setup could be the difference between post-work energy, and discomfort and fatigue. 

Change your workspace and mindset

If you have an improper setup and are not getting enough movement during the day, there are many ways to fix this. Adapting your daily routine and your workspace setup can help you avoid those aches and pains, and support your exercise goals.

These effortless changes include finding ways to be more active throughout the day - whether that’s walking meetings, taking a stroll when on the phone, or installing a sit-stand desk which will allow you to alternate between the two postures at regular intervals. There are a wide range of desks available on the website here.

Installing a sit-stand desk isn’t the only solution. It’s also vital that your chair is positioned in the correct position for your body and that you have your screen at the right height too. The correct adjustments can help you work in a more comfortable position with the correct posture - not slouching or hunching, which puts strain on your shoulders.

And the gym isn’t the only place you can move your body – keeping active at work with small, efficient exercises can also help keep you in good shape. Try quick stretches like a seated spinal rotation or a posterior shoulder stretch.

Getting up frequently throughout the day, taking regular breaks, working in different areas of an office, and standing for certain tasks are all great ways to alter the way you work for the better.

There are various elements that go into creating a good office setup, most of which you wouldn’t normally even think about. At Osmond Ergonomics, we can help you create a workspace that not only supports productivity but helps keep your body and mind in great shape. If you want advice on your setup, get in touch by calling 0345 345 0898 or email

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