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Guy About Town – Where Have We Been Recently?

  • 2 min read

We’ve had a busy few months here at Osmond Ergonomics, travelling the country to attend all sorts of workplace conferences and events, connecting with new people, seeing old friends, and spreading the word on ergonomics and its place in the modern workplace.

Discussing the future of work… 

In early March, Guy Osmond, our Managing Director, visited the Health and Wellbeing at Work Exhibition in Birmingham. The event explored topics from mental health and inclusion to occupational psychology, and we gained some useful insights into the future of work, building resilience, and providing holistic support. It was a great opportunity to catch up with many friends and contacts too. 

Demonstrating our skills across the UK 

We also attended two Business Expos in March - in Portsmouth and Basingstoke. It was clear ergonomics issues facing employers in these areas are echoed by others all over the country. Even after two years into the new era of hybrid working post-Covid, many employers are still not getting the basics right. 

But, through demonstrating our solutions, we hope we’ve been able to play a part in making some of these businesses aware of the risks of poor workstation setups, and crucially, the benefits of effective ergonomics design. 

What will the modern workplace look like? 

Our next visit was to the Workplace Trends Research Summit in London at the end of March where we contributed to the discussion around factors shaping the way we work, sharing our insights into how ergonomics will fit in the modern workplace. 

And while we haven’t been crystal ball gazing, we’re certain understanding and implementing ergonomics solutions will play a massive part in creating happy, healthy, productive working environments! 

Learning and sharing

 Attending these events and speaking to so many different businesses has helped to broaden and deepen our understanding of the workplace landscape. Each conversation has shed more light on current trends, from businesses not quite coming to terms with homeworking and hybrid working, to those who are having difficulty attracting staff back to the office. 

We enjoyed demonstrating our ergonomics solutions and sharing our knowledge through these events, exploring the challenges, and offering workable ideas to overcome them. 

We have created a large arsenal of beneficial products, information and resources which can help businesses of any size, across every sector, take care of their teams. We are ready to work with them to find and implement the best ergonomics solutions for their workplaces, helping to keep their employees healthy in mind and body, and working effectively and productively too.

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