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Can Ergonomics Impact an Office Culture?

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Can Ergonomics Impact an Office Culture?

The office culture of an organisation is defined by the environment in which employees work. It is the distinctive character and personality of a business and the thing that makes each company unique. A positive office culture will impact the happiness, satisfaction and productivity of employees whilst boosting the overall performance of an organisation. On the other hand, a poor office culture may lead to stress, high staff turnover and an unrewarding environment in which to work.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the culture of an office including leadership principles, pay structure and company values.  However, what we are going to focus on in this blog is the question of ergonomics.  More specifically: can ergonomics play a role in the creation of a positive office culture?

The Purpose of Ergonomics

Put simply, ergonomics can be described as the discipline of designing the workplace with the physical wellbeing of the employee in mind. A primary goal of ergonomics is to reduce workplace hazards such as the physical factors within a working environment that could harm a worker. Poor posture due to an uncomfortable workstation height is a good example.

In a 2018 study conducted by Advanced Workplace Associates, Haworth Inc and Global Workplace Analytics, it was made apparent that organisations are becoming focused on people rather than merely saving money. Within this study it was noted that simply “having a choice” can increase employee satisfaction and that modern work settings are becoming highly adjustable for this reason.

Interestingly, flexible working spaces were being offered by 85% of the respondents to this U.S. survey with a choice of workspace, chair and work station being recognised as a crucial component to positive office culture.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the choices organisations can make when it comes to introducing positive ergonomics into their workplace.



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Ergonomic Seating

At Osmond Ergonomics, our approach to seating is defined by a total commitment to the fundamental issues of comfort and adjustability above all else. If a positive office culture is influenced by happy and contented staff, then it stands to reason that the chair or seating arrangement that is provided for each individual must be fit for purpose. We offer a wide range of ergonomic seating solutions ranging from the increasingly popular “sit-stand” approach to specific options for personnel with disabilities or musculoskeletal issues. From boardroom to reception, the introduction of ergonomic seating can allow staff to adopt the ideal working style for their individual preference – be it to sit, stand or perch.

Desks and Tables

If open collaboration and wellbeing are central to the corporate identity of an organisation then the careful choice of ergonomic workstations and desks can serve to reinforce this. It is possible to break down the traditional hierarchy of a business simply by creating an inviting office layout and adopting the right kind of desk arrangement to achieve the desired office culture.  From the shape and style of desk product, to its ability to be customised for the individual – choosing to introduce ergonomic desks, tables and workstations to an office can boost staff satisfaction and allow the individual nature of your office culture to thrive, be it traditional, creative or sales-focused.


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Our Approach

The modern workplace is changing and at Osmond Ergonomics, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the optimum solution is provided, whether for individual furniture or a complete office refit. Throughout the consultation, review, sales, installation and training cycle, our expert team will guide you through the process and ensure that your bespoke needs are consistently met.

If you would like to discuss how ergonomics can be used to positively impact your office culture then please contact us online or call 0345 0345 0898 today.

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