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How to choose a computer mouse for graphic design

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When it comes to the fast-paced and intricate world of digital design and CAD systems, you need a computer mouse that can keep up. Getting a mouse that suits your needs as a designer can make a huge difference to your workflow, making complicated tasks a breeze. Here we discuss some tips on how to choose a computer mouse for graphic design. 

What do graphic designers need from a computer mouse? 

Without a good mouse as a graphic designer, you set yourself up for more stress, more work, and a harder work life. A mouse is an essential tool for any designer, as it can give you more control over your projects and help you create at a faster pace. 

Depending on your specific needs, there are lots of features that can alter which mouse will be best suited to a graphic designer. The combination of the right features can help make your work life easier, feel better supported, and take stress out of your day. 

Responsiveness and Resolution 

Arguably the most important qualities of a good computer mouse are its precision and how well it responds to your movements. Measured by DPI, the resolution of the mouse can control how fast and accurately you move your cursor. When it comes to mice for design, sticking to one with an adjustable DPI means you can always change the resolution to suit the needs of your task. Despite how it may sound, having a higher DPI doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, and often high DPI mice have optical sensor errors, making your life harder in the long run. 

Comfort & Ergonomics 

As with any product you’re likely to use daily, how comfortable it is and how well it supports your body are both incredibly important factors, and when it comes to mice and their features, the most comfortable will always be the ergonomically designed ones. 

Ergonomic mice tend to have a lot more intuitive factors like useful and easy to access shortcuts and a design better suited for long periods of use. They also help to position your hands and forearms into a more natural position, taking the pressure off them, so you can stay productive for longer, without the distraction of discomfort or cramps. 

Our recommended computer mouse for graphic design: The DXTMouse 3 

Designed for increased comfort and accuracy, the DXTMouse 3 is a compact computer mouse that has the precision and functionality required in professions such as graphic design. 

With ambidextrous switching, 6 programmable buttons and a choice of wired or wireless models, it has a high level of customisation to suit all user applications. It is especially well-suited to detailed work. It also features a unique ‘pen grip’ for operation which ensures a neutral wrist and relaxed hand position, helping to enhance productivity. 

Other features include: 

- Ambidextrous switching

- Windows and Mac OS compatibility

- A zinc base plate for increased accuracy and stability

- Instant cursor speed change

- Integral dongle storage (wireless option) 

Of course, this mouse isn’t just useful for those in graphic design professions. Thanks to its versatility, the DXTMouse 3 is suited to any profession that uses CAD systems or requires precision movement! 

To find out more, or to get yours today, visit this link. Until the end of February 2023, you can get an exclusive 10% discount when you purchase with us using code “DXT3TEN”.

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