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Is Health and Wellbeing linked to the Office Environment?

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Creating the ideal core office environment for employees should be a critical undertaking for every business.

Understanding the vision, culture and brand values of your organisation will help to influence many factors including office layout, furniture, technology and the correct use of space. It comes as no surprise that happy and content workers will operate to a higher level of performance when given the optimum environment in which to function. Furthermore, by focusing on the objectives of your business and taking time to plan the layout of your office accordingly, the motivation, productivity and mental wellbeing of your team will be strikingly enhanced.

So is the health and wellbeing of staff linked to the office environment?

Let’s take a closer look at the factors within an office environment that can impact health and wellbeing as well as performance, concentration and communication.  

1. Open Plan Layout

At the heart of every business, department and team is a variety of individual personalities, many of whom may respond differently to a defined office layout. There is no doubt that open-plan working is an excellent way to facilitate communication within a company. A core office space will effectively centralise colleagues and give rise to open discussion, collaboration and creativity while negating any possibility of isolation that can sometimes occur in cellular offices.  While an open-plan work space does have significant benefits, it should ideally be seen as just one element in a holistic mix of working environments rather than a singular solution. After all, each member of staff may have a preferred mode in which to perform to their optimum level, be it a buzzing open layout or a quiet zone for ultimate concentration.

2. Offering Adaptable Spaces

Creating adaptable spaces within your office environment will undoubtedly influence the health and wellbeing of individual staff as well as generating more productive outcomes for projects which require collaboration. These breakout areas can be the ideal solution for inter-departmental discussion and allow workers to interact outside of their daily hierarchy. By giving staff the opportunity to build new working relationships in accessible areas, key aspects of wellbeing such as confidence and positive socialisation can be allowed to flourish.


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3. Quiet Zones

The majority of workers require a certain degree of silence at times to aid concentration.  A designated quiet zone within your office environment can greatly increase productivity and calm those staff who may fret in a noisier open plan space.  Having to complete a demanding task or report in a bustling central space can quickly increase the stress levels of workers – something that has been recognised by the NHS as key factor for distress in the workplace (1).  By offering staff a quiet retreat with a choice of flexible ergonomic furniture, businesses can enrich the health and wellbeing of their team while promoting productivity and concentration.

Our Unique Approach

At Osmond Ergonomics we work with a wide variety of organisations to achieve a total office solution – one that reflects the needs and working styles of a multi-generational workforce. By assessing corporate, departmental and individual requirements we can provide businesses with effective solutions for their office spaces – ranging from advice on ergonomic furniture to a complete refit that incorporates a number of different working zones.

Creating the optimum office environment for your staff will not only have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing but also promote productivity, concentration, collaboration and the effective fulfilment of your company objectives.

If you would like to discuss your office layout with us then please make an enquiry today or call our expert team on 0345 345 0898.


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